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The new CodePlex Secretome solution uses one system for a faster approach with significantly less sample volume to obtain highly multiplexed cytokine data. Load just 11 µL per sample replicate and walk away for same day data. CodePlex Secretome is the first fully automated solution for a faster hands-off approach to obtaining highly multiplexed bulk cytokine data. It only requires five minutes of hands-on time for sample loading, versus the lengthy multi-step process required on existing platforms. CodePlex Secretome multiplexes over 30 cytokines and offers a modular solution to look at multiple samples, from 8-64 at a time, instead of requiring a full 96 samples before generating multiplexed bulk cytokine data. This innovative process offers vast improvements over currently available bulk platforms with only one instrument, unlike the traditional workflow which requires numerous instrumentation. The CodePlex Secretome solution provides a fully automated, end-to-end workflow for generating multiplexed bulk cytokine data.

Topics to be covered
  • How to increase your work-away time by up to 80x with a completely automated highly multiplexed ELISA workflow requiring only five minutes of hands-on time
  • How to generate complete highly multiplexed ELISA data with up to 10x smaller sample volumes
Thursday, April 9, 2020
2:30 - 4:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time


Damini Patel
Field Application Scientist


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Automate Your Entire Multiplexed ELISA Workflow to Decrease Hands-On Time

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