Event Overview

Researchers performing basic research and developing therapeutics carefully assess the biological mechanisms and toxicity of novel molecules. Dose response assays are indispensable when determining the appropriate dose for in vitro or in vivo applications; however, researchers must perform these experiments with accuracy and precision to produce reliable results. In this webinar brought to you by Thermo Fisher Scientific, Jeffrey Weidner will discuss how to design ideal dose response assays, and Eric Niederkofler will highlight how automated liquid handlers simplify dose response assays.

Topics to be covered

  • Creating dose response assays that are robust and reproducible
  • Enhancing dose-response curves using the Thermo Scientific™ Multidrop™ Pico Digital Dispensers
  • Thursday, February 25, 2021
    2:30 - 4:00 PM Eastern Time

    Meet the speakers

    Jeffrey Weidner, PhD
    QualSci Consulting, LLC

    Eric Niederkofler, PhD
    Applications Manager
    Thermo Fisher Scientific


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