Event Overview

As scientists search for new drug targets and screen for compounds to treat disease, they often run into roadblocks related to data quality. Researchers must use their expertise to circumvent these problems if they hope to rapidly develop high-quality, novel therapeutics. In this webinar sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific, Drew Adams will discuss his work identifying new targets and screening small molecules to develop therapeutics for neurological diseases, with an emphasis on resolving data quality problems.

Topics to be covered

  • Data quality in high-throughput screening and target validation
  • Validating new targets and small molecules targeting cholesterol biosynthesis to promote remyelination

  • Thursday, October 28, 2021
    2:30 - 3:30 PM Eastern Time

    Meet the speaker

    Drew Adams, PhD
    Thomas F. Peterson Professor of Novel Therapeutics
    Associate Professor, Genetics and Genome Sciences
    Director, Small Molecule Drug Development Core
    Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

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    TS_Webinar_Thermo Fisher_LabTools_High-Quality Screening and Target Validation During Drug Development October 28, 2021

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