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Event Overview

Research depends on samples from patients and healthy volunteers. However, obtaining biospecimens from human subjects can be a challenge for researchers and patients alike. Home-based specimen collection directly connects patients to researchers, while alleviating the burden of travel to secondary sites. Using this approach, researchers efficiently collect patient samples in the comfort of their homes. This webinar, sponsored by Sanguine, will detail research experiences from researcher and patient perspectives.

Topics to be Covered
  • Development of an AI drug discovery platform for microbial-based immunotherapies using patient samples
  • Research from a patient's perspective
  • Practical considerations for engaging patients in research
  • The direct-to-patient trial model
Monday, December 10, 2019
2:30 - 4:00 PM, Eastern Time


Von Raesfeld.png
Christine Von Raesfeld
Independent Patient Advocate
Board member, More Than Lupus
Patient Advisor, Aurinia Pharmaceuticals
Patient Advisor, PatientsLikeMe
Participant in the Stanford Humanwide Program

Stephanie Culler, PhD
Co-Founder and CEO
Persephone Biome, Inc.


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Simplifying Patient Participation in Clinical Research Studies

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