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Event Overview

Skin is an important physical barrier against invading pathogens and environmental threats, and an intricate network of immune and non-immune cells maintains skin immunity and homeostasis. Using innovative 3D microscopy techniques for whole-skin imaging, researchers gain a holistic view of the distribution of immune cells, structural components, and vasculature in the skin. In this webinar brought to you by Miltenyi Biotec, Lai Guan Ng will describe how the combination of multiphoton and large-scale light sheet microscopy unfolds novel aspects of skin immunity, including leukocyte migration and trafficking, and how this approach can be translated into clinical applications.

Topics to be covered
  • The role of leukocyte migration and trafficking in skin immunity
  • Application of multiphoton and large-scale light sheet microscopy
  • Translation of whole-skin imaging techniques into clinical applications
Tuesday, February 9, 2021
9:00 AM CET (4 PM SGT)


Lai Guan Ng, PhD
Principal Investigator, Singapore Immunology Network (A*STAR)
Adjunct Associate Professor, National University of Singapore
Adjunct Associate Professor, Nanyang Technological University


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Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep: 3D Imaging from a Micro to Macro View February 9, 2021

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