Event Overview

The relationship between anatomy and function has inspired scientists to tediously map individual neuronal connections in the brain. Combining powerful computational algorithms with advanced serial electron microscopy, researchers have embarked on a herculean task to map every single connection in different animal brains.

In this virtual symposium brought to you by The Scientist, an expert panel will discuss their efforts to chart billions of neuronal connections, which provides unparalleled insights into neuronal cell biology, signal processing, and behavior.

Symposium program
    1:10 PM – Petascale Connectomics and Beyond: Opportunities and Challenges
    Jeff Lichtman, MD, PhD
    1:35 PM – A Primate Connectome Towards Understanding Cognition
    Rui Xu, PhD
    2:00 PM – Neural Circuit Motifs for Vector Navigation and Goal-Directed Action Selection: Connectomic Insights From Drosophila
    Brad Hulse, PhD
    2:25 PM – Drug Discovery for Neurodegenerative Diseases Based on Insights From Anatomy and Connectivity
    Julie Harris, PhD
    2:50 PM – Dive Into the Connectome of the Octopus Learning and Memory System
    Flavie Bidel, PhD
    3:15 PM – Open panel Q&A session
    Sejal Davla from The Scientist's Creative Services Team will be joined by the entire panel in an open question and answer session where presenters will address questions posed by the audience.
Friday, February 25, 2022

1:00 - 4:00 PM Eastern Time

This webinar will also be available on-demand.

Meet the speakers

Jeff Lichtman, MD, PhD
Molecular and Cellular Biology
Center for Brain Science
Harvard University
Rui Xu, PhD
Research Scientist
Brain and Cognitive Sciences
McGovern Institute for Brain Research
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Brad Hulse, PhD
Research Scientist
Janelia Research Campus

Julie Harris, PhD
Vice President
Preclinical Biology
Cajal Neuroscience
Flavie Bidel, PhD
Research Associate
Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior
University of Minnesota


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