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Event Overview

Ultrafiltration techniques are becoming increasingly critical in research and process applications. With the wide range of lab-based research applications and molecules in life science, environmental, clinical, and other industrial sectors, it is important to understand both the shared and specific key principles and methods needed to optimize ultrafiltration procedures. In this webinar sponsored by Sartorius, experts will explain how optimization allows researchers to maximize user-specific results and reduce specimen-to-report timelines.

Topics to be covered
  • The latest guidance on innovative methods, products, tools, and considerations needed to optimize lab ultrafiltration workflows
  • How cell culture molecule workflows can be improved
Monday, September 21, 2020
2:30 - 4:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time


Adam Green
Manager, Lab Filtration Product Management

Klaus Schoene
Lead Application Scientist


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Optimizing Lab Ultrafiltration Workflows: From Molecule Separation to Diagnostics

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